Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Brand identity is vital to the success of any business. It is what distinctly separates you from your competitors. Anyone can create or offer a product. Yet a brand is a distinction among other products. A strong brand will evoke an emotion or desire in the consumer that tells them they must have it. Thus, a major reason for the importance of creating brand identity.

Your brand’s identity starts with its name, logo, tagline, and message to your consumer. It should stand out clearly and provide quality service that is sought after by your target audience. Getting your message out about your brand will begin with a strong marketing plan that reflects who you are as a company. In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to promote recognition of a product or service. If you are remembered as a quality provider, then you’re on your way to creating brand loyalty.

How Can I Promote My Brand?

A Promise of Quality

Although your logo acts as an ambassador to the service you provide, establishing a brand reaches far beyond a product or logo. It is a promise of quality and reputation. Consumers tend to adhere to positivity and familiarity. Therefore, positive customer experiences are critical to your brand. If consumers recognize a brand they have previously used and were satisfied, they are more likely to choose that product or service again.

What Should a Brand Do?

  • Deliver a clear and consistent message
  • Drive your target audience to act/think
  • Make an emotional connection
  • Create loyalty


There may come a time in your organization where a cultural shift, target audience, or a provided service prompts a need to modify your brand. Rebranding will encourage your business to evolve to its potential. However, rebranding doesn’t just happen overnight. There are gradual steps that one should consider.

Whether you are modernizing your look or going for a complete overhaul, you should first evaluate your company’s mission and vision for the future. Some aspects of your business may not require any adjustments. Great! That means you’re fine tuning to exactly where you need to be.

Once your plan is in place, you can then begin thinking from a design standpoint. A professional designer can lend their expertise to creating new visual elements that reflect where your business is today and where you envision it going. Consider all of the marketing materials you have in place and all audiences that need to be reached. Your rebrand should effectively communicate your expertise and reputation within your industry.

Finally, a communication plan that promotes the change should be devised. It is important to begin with your employees first. Getting your team behind your new identity is key to its success. As a team, reach out to leading organizations in your field and re-introduce yourself. Prepare new marketing material that clearly outlines your new look and direction. And be prepared to answer questions regarding your reason for change and your vision for the brand.

Your Rebranding Checklist

  • Does your brand reflect your core principles and values as a company?
  • Does your brand meet the needs of your target audience?
  • Is your brand clear and identifiable with your service/product?
  • Is your brand current with the times?

New Year, New Look

With the start of a new year, the PS Design brand identity has been updated with a fresh new look. The PS Design brand has evolved to reflect our experience and mastery of promoting your business in a digital world. That’s why you’ll notice the earth tone colors in our organic image of the PS logo. PS Design will be right there ensuring that your business is growing to its digital potential.

Our decision to rebrand better represents the business that we’ve grown into over the last ten years. We’re still the same dedicated, experienced, and innovative web and graphic design company that so many of our clients have come to know. Try us PS Design out and see for yourself!

PS Design Graphic Web logo

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